Monday, July 30, 2012

the week/end Rose Orbison came to visit. . .

Jeff & Rose
It has been a week of art and birthday friendship bake a pie biscuits and gravy bloody mary sunday cafe style dining in the courtyard of El Zaguan.  Paper lantern casting magic with the moon and a mom in the kitchen with big hair and a bigger heart all endearing and comfort and lovely generous and warm.  Yes we will long remember the week/end Rose Orbison came to visit.  Thank you Bethany for sharing her with us.

Sangria anyone?

And the reason for this visit two or three fold or more --the opening of NEW work in the El Zaguan Gallery (545 Canyon Road) by William McLane III who we fondly refer to as Billy or "checkmate" and the 40th birthday celebration of Bethany Orbision (said daughter of Rose), wonderful neighbor fashionista and overall delightful red headed girl/friend also baker of incredible desserts.  And an artful taste in shoes. . .

Adam & Tess --the gatekeepers
Thank you!! --

El Zaguan is an artist in residence colony at 545 Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Home of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Day After Friday Night

Saturday, hungover, hair of the dog biting at my neck, new painting waiting. When in doubt shoot flowers. A dead man's mail, opera playing, the new neighbors having left with certain last words sent.
Been thinking way too much about the continuation on the autobiographical writing, how do I explain what New York City was like back in 1981? How much do I remember, how much is of any importance? When in doubt continue reading Gravity's Rainbow.
This hairy dog will haunt me tomorrow as will all of my yesterdays. Sometimes I get lonely, I thoroughly enjoy my time alone. Sometimes I wonder how I will die? Who will remember me. Why.
How did we become friends? What brought us all here to this historic setting, are we keeping it alive or just living as it crumbles down around us? Life goes on anyway, as it has and will, distract myself with love music books and art. Plus the occasional flower.
Not missing the City, weird how that happened, never saw that coming. Enjoying the sky, the blues changing throughout the day, only thing obstructing the view are damn trees leaves abounding in the summertime, bare and naked in the wintertime.
Not that I am crazy about living in Santa Fe, but this hacienda has really got a hold on me, there are days that go by when I do not leave the property. People, friends, tell me that I should get out, that they think that I may be agoraphobic,  I'm just bidding my time.

Sun begins descent, fluffy clouds tease this drought, gotta make some calls.